If you saw me, you would say, “Dave is skinny and can probably eat whatever he wants.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. I’ve weighed 50 pounds more than I do right now (yikes). I work hard and have to be enormously careful to keep my girlish figure.

My problem is my metabolism. It’s got to be the slowest natural metabolism on the planet. It crawls. So, I have to do all the things we all know to do to get it moving. Simply, I don’t metabolize well (without a lot of help).


I’ve discovered over the course of my work with leaders and organizations, that there is a kind of “change metabolism” that is found in people and on teams. Some people metabolize change well. They handle nicely, don’t freak out, and seem to adapt their way to a better place. Others, well… don’t. I’m convinced that metabolizing change is similar to metabolizing food. You have a “set point” that you can change with work. But, it takes work. Leaders want their teams to metabolize change faster and better, but often do very little to help them develop a better “change metabolism.”


So, how well do you think you metabolize change? How about your team/organization? And more importantly, how are you intentionally developing a better set point on your team. The next few posts will consider ways to increase personal and team (change) metabolism.