The iPad–fantastic…but we just can’t quite get to one device

OK, so I always disclose, when talking about Apple, that I'm a fanatic.   Last night I had to make the very hard decision: Do I watch the State of the Union or Steve Job's keynote on the iPad. So, I kept the State of the Union on, with the volume turned down, and focused [...]

The iPad–fantastic…but we just can’t quite get to one device2010-01-28T13:05:05-05:00

Amazing DVD’s for your mind and heart

I want to rave, I mean RAVE, about Scott Ercoliani of I bumped into a portion of one of his videos about a year ago and just bought his movie on gratitude. It is freaking amazing. It's a combination of music and media all on gratitude. Scott's videos artistically walk you through the topic [...]

Amazing DVD’s for your mind and heart2010-01-19T23:55:19-05:00


My 20 year-old was talking about his online character in a game he plays (World of Warcraft). Over the years, the game has caused, um...consternation between us. He has spent a lot of time playing, more than I think is acceptable. Oh, there's way more to that story, but it's not germane to this post. [...]


More on loneliness

You may want to read my recent post on loneliness HERE before reading this one. Life ebbs and flows. Like the various textures of a river, we experience a variety of currents, speeds, eddies and swirls. I'm currently in the stream of loneliness or alone-ness. I'm not sure why. I'm not depressed (except for the [...]

More on loneliness2010-01-15T22:34:09-05:00

Keep the balloon in the air (changing culture)

Have you ever been in a crowd of people where someone throws out a balloon and asks the group to "keep it in the air." As the balloon makes it's way through the crowd, people watch it, anticipate its arrival, ready themselves to hit it and then punch it upwards before it can reach the [...]

Keep the balloon in the air (changing culture)2010-01-15T14:07:32-05:00

The company of loneliness

In his book, Loneliness, Clark Moustakas, wrote, "We go it alone." This, of course, does not mean friendship is not important to life and to our human journey. It is. Moustakas, however, based on the pain of watching his young daughter suffer, was faced with the reality that his presence with her could only reach [...]

The company of loneliness2010-01-14T13:33:11-05:00

When is the em-urgency real?

I was recently doing some coaching in a large organization. While sitting in the cafeteria the alarm sounded. It was loud and duly "alarming." Then the voice came over the intercom announcing a particular emergency code. I looked around and noticed the employees in the cafeteria paid no attention to the alarm. They were laughing, [...]

When is the em-urgency real?2010-01-13T16:49:32-05:00

Save time and build collaboration through “triage meetings”

Technique: Triage MeetingSo, let's say you have an item on your todo list that doesn't rise to the level of a project, but is going to take collaboration with a couple of your teammates and a meeting or two to complete. Before you dive in, setting up meetings, sending emails, making assignments, and doing work, [...]

Save time and build collaboration through “triage meetings”2010-01-12T16:21:59-05:00

Zoom and Wide Angle Views

Life requires the ability to see that which is right in front of me without losing sight of the entire picture.   I'm sitting, again, in a Starbucks this morning and right in front of me is a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf of individual bags of coffee. There are a couple hundred bags of coffee on this [...]

Zoom and Wide Angle Views2010-01-09T14:11:15-05:00

The paradox of technology

I'm sitting in a Starbucks listening to a conversation to my right. I'm not trying to listen, really--they are literally one foot away from me. The man is talking about the woes of the internet, particularly Google and its far reach. He makes some good points. Let's see, he just bemoaned the lack of dialogue, [...]

The paradox of technology2010-01-08T15:49:59-05:00