Walking      press down, I feel ground (ed) Walking      body moves, planet spins Walking      pace of evolution-body and soul Walking     around me life happens Walking     others moving fast; reminding me of me Walking     gift in-between crawling and dying Walking      steps away from what was Walking      steps toward what [...]



Yesterday, I had to take my car in for service. I hate taking my car in for service. It breaks my routine--which I'm far too fond of anyway. I knew there was a Starbucks a couple miles down the road and decided to walk. I launched off carrying my mobile office on my shoulder. It [...]


Strategic Dialogue part 3

Here's more on strategic dialogue. You may want to read parts one and two before this one. They are below a couple of posts down.   The third dynamic actualizes the first two into concrete language, actionable initiatives and tactics, time frames and time lines, as well as stakeholder ownership. In other words, the aim [...]

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The power of team…when it goes well…It’s worth the work to get there

Here's a story about the US Olympic ski team's impressive success. There are a lot of contributing factors, but a couple jump out as I read the article. 1) The power of esprit de corps (the spirit of the corps/team): Good spirit and a strong relational bond does make a difference in the performance of [...]

The power of team…when it goes well…It’s worth the work to get there2024-04-02T19:37:06-04:00

Strategic Dialogue pt. 2

OK, so we're considering how to best facilitate strategic dialogue. You may want to read part one of this series which is just below this one. This post has to do with what is often the missing ingredient in strategic dialogue: alignment. It's easy to talk--but not so easy for teams to be honest in [...]

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Strategic Dialogue

Conversational leadership and strategic dialogue are important competencies for leaders and teams. The next few posts will focus on these areas of leadership. So...here we go: -- When it comes to leading strategic dialogues, creating a generative space where creativity and action-able initiatives can emerge is critical. The three dynamics that make up this generative [...]

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Organizational Hermeneutics

There is a concept in philosophy called hermeneutics. It also has a home in theological studies. Hermeneutics is the study of understanding and interpreting language and texts. It's the making of meaning. So, when we read, say, the writings of Gandhi and apply a hermeneutic to it, we are thinking about a number of factors [...]

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