Now that’s a conference room!

   Pic from the Nuclear Security Summit. I love that it's in the round. More meetings should be in the round.

Now that’s a conference room!2010-04-14T13:21:48-04:00

Adaptive teams

OK, this ARTICLE is freaking interesting. Turns out Japanese have a gene that allows them to digest seaweed. We, here in the West, don't have it. Hmmmm....   So what "gene" does your team need, based on the specificity of its environment, that allows them to digest their work. Adaptive teams evolve based on need [...]

Adaptive teams2010-04-13T14:12:06-04:00

What is local?

I have friends in Tucson who insist on meeting at local coffee houses in order to support local business. I don't think they like my affinity for Starbucks. So here are some simple questions when considering what it means to support "local" business (like a coffee house): Is anything really local? What makes something local? [...]

What is local?2010-04-12T21:06:05-04:00


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Written by Dave Fleming