Leadership is becoming passe

Uh oh. I think people are getting burned out on leadership. I think the word is becoming like "vision." We're all sick of that one. So, if we want to talk about leadership, which is still a good thing to talk about, maybe we should talk about amazing concepts that make people.........better. Yep, simply better [...]

Leadership is becoming passe2010-06-03T20:50:43-04:00

Job titles–make them descriptive rather than “positional”

What do you do everyday that adds value to your organization? Maybe that should be your job title? I am so freaking sick of "Director of this" or  C-something (CEO, CFO, blah, blah, blah). Snore. How about: Big Idea Finder Project completer Connector of people "Ensurer" of clear communication (can you imagine how much you [...]

Job titles–make them descriptive rather than “positional”2010-06-03T20:31:51-04:00