Questions awaken…

I'm currently writing a book on four questions that open the heart and mind to what life has to offer. In any given moment, there are opportunities waiting for us to open, enjoy and share. We must see them and seize them. We fall asleep. We don't see opportunities. We don't see much at all. [...]

Questions awaken…2010-12-20T14:21:19-04:00

The top ten things your employees want you to do (Part One)

If you're a leader, your employees want certain things from you. I'm not talking about selfish stuff here. I'm not talking about free trips to Tahiti or shopping sprees to Neman Marcus. In fact, most of the things your employees want won't "cost" you anything financially. I'm talking about simple but profound actions that demonstrate [...]

The top ten things your employees want you to do (Part One)2010-12-09T01:56:14-04:00


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Written by Dave Fleming