Technique: Triage Meeting

So, let’s say you have an item on your todo list that doesn’t rise to the level of a project, but is going to take collaboration with a couple of your teammates and a meeting or two to complete. Before you dive in, setting up meetings, sending emails, making assignments, and doing work, CALL A TRIAGE MEETING.

Triage meetings are called by the person who is holding the item. Let’s say, for whatever reason, like bird poop on your windshield, you are the lucky holder of the item. Do these things:

1) Ask, who should be in the triage meeting?

2) What are the critical issues that need to be resolved in the triage meeting as you see it?

3) Call the meeting

4) Limit the meeting to 10 minutes–In fact don’t sit down. Just have a stand up meeting             

5) Share how you see your teammates being involved

6) Get alignment with them on completing the task (remember, this isn’t a big project so it should take long to complete)

7) Leave with clear expectations of each person’s piece to accomplish, time lines and deadlines

8) Name an owner of the item who is ultimately responsible  

9) Describe your favorite adult beverage (OK, this step is optional)

10) Adjourn

Triage meetings can create trust, alignment, context and save time. Try it, you’ll like it. ´╗┐