My 20 year-old was talking about his online character in a game he plays (World of Warcraft). Over the years, the game has caused, um…consternation between us. He has spent a lot of time playing, more than I think is acceptable. Oh, there’s way more to that story, but it’s not germane to this post.

Apparently, he’s really really good at the game. People all over the world know his character and he’s been sponsored here and there throughout his WoW career. As he was explaining this to me, he said, “Ya, I’m pretty much e-famous.”


What a great term. It’s not the “famous” part of the term that is significant in my mind. It’s the fact that there are so many ways today to find other people who share your passion for, well…whatever. For a decade now we’ve been talking about niches and tribes and communities where you can find solidarity with others who share your passion. Being e-famous means you’ve been recognized by your online tribe for something that you do that’s remarkable.

Being e-famous isn’t about being e-famous. It’s about being remark-able.