OK, so I always disclose, when talking about Apple, that I’m a fanatic.


Last night I had to make the very hard decision: Do I watch the State of the Union or Steve Job’s keynote on the iPad. So, I kept the State of the Union on, with the volume turned down, and focused on the iPad keynote–for about 25 minutes.

The iPad looks fantastic. No big shock there. I will wait with anticipation for the 3-G model.

My only push back is why not include the other “communication tools” like texting and even calling. I mean, why not?

The real issue, in my mind, is we just haven’t evolved to a point where we can get everything in one device. The iPad is a step in that direction, but just doesn’t go far enough.

Maybe that will be version 2 or 15.

One device; is it possible?