Here’s a story about the US Olympic ski team’s impressive success. There are a lot of contributing factors, but a couple jump out as I read the article.

1) The power of esprit de corps (the spirit of the corps/team): Good spirit and a strong relational bond does make a difference in the performance of any team. It may be true that two people don’t have to “like each other” to get a job done, but they are unlikely to produce greatness without a strong relational bond. This is what Napoleon Hill, almost a century ago, called the Master Mind.

2) The power of organizing energy. When people work as a collective, the organizing energy is multiplied beyond the sum of the parts. Something “magical” happens between them and through them. This is why it is worth the time and energy to strive, as a team, to do the hard work of synergizing energy and creating the relationships that make it possible. When teams are at their best, 1 + 1 = 100.