What do you do everyday that adds value to your organization? Maybe that should be your job title? I am so freaking sick of “Director of this” or  C-something (CEO, CFO, blah, blah, blah). Snore.

How about:

Big Idea Finder

Project completer

Connector of people

“Ensurer” of clear communication (can you imagine how much you could get paid for this one)

Trouble fixer

Trouble maker (most innovation needs a little trouble)

Disturber of the status quo

Midwife (in a metaphoric sense): This is one of the titles I use for myself — as in, organizational midwife. I was told once guys wouldn’t be able to relate to it. Really? Who can’t understand that one way I add value is to help “get the life out.”

What the heck does “Director of anything” tell anyone about what you do that adds value? Zip!

So, what would you title be if you described your value, your everyday value, rather than your position? Who knows, your next resume just might reflect what you could actually do for a company–and it will sound way cooler.