So I’m in the meeting on responsiveness. Here’s what the team at CCMI is adding to my list of responsiveness outcome words:

Responsiveness is an outcome of selfishness (in a good way): I am responsive when I see that being responsive will assist me. When I am responsive to my needs, things usually go better for me and for others.

Respnosiveness is an outcome of empathy: Seeing a lack of responsiveness from another person’s point of view.

Responsiveness is an outcome of the desire for sanity: Responsiveness is the result of psychological well-being.

What dynamics in me make me less responsive:

  • Life-Frustrations
  • Feeling Emotionally overwhelmed
  • When Overextended or over committed 
  • When I’m out of my zone
  • When I’m bored

Some general thoughts about responsiveness

Responsiveness is somewhat determined by the person or situation requiring the response

When we define “urgency level” when requesting, it creates a good expectation with the person we are desiring responsiveness from

Responsiveness is a quality of serving

Responsiveness means I don’t have to be reminded

Responsiveness means “the person cares about me” without me having to ask for it


In an organization, the vibe (culture) has a lot to do with being responsive together. What can an organizations do to create responsiveness.

Be engaged

Have fun

Gain fresh eyes into “my world” by letting colleagues share what they “see” (about my world)

Be coach-able

Creating a culture where it is safe to share difficult things without the fear of getting crushed