Five things your employees want you to do (Pt. 2)

Number 5: Employees (the good ones) want you to give them opportunities to expand/excel Your best employees want to expand their capabilities and responsibilities. Insecure leaders are afraid of this idea because of how it could reflect on them. But, the best leaders know, that leading is about the development and celebration of others--not the [...]

Five things your employees want you to do (Pt. 2)2011-01-12T13:40:07-05:00

Life lessons at Panera Bread

I'm sitting in a Panera Bread working this morning. There's an older couple across the way who reminds me of an important life-principle. The woman is denying her age with a face lift that just isn't working and hair coloring that hasn't been her own for 25 years (which is fine I suppose). The man [...]

Life lessons at Panera Bread2011-01-08T14:32:57-05:00

Just a little extra makes a HUGE difference

Like you, everyday I experience a variety of customer service moments. These occur in restaurants, hotels, on phone calls and in a variety of other settings. Recently, I've been reminded of, what I believe, is one of the most important qualities of great customer service. It's not the only important dynamic, but adding this dynamic [...]

Just a little extra makes a HUGE difference2011-01-07T15:59:13-05:00