I have an on again off again relationship with blogging.


Lately, well since June, I’ve been off again. Other writing projects have been my priority. But, as is usually the case for me, blogging is just such a nag that I always end up coming back to it. There is something about the immediacy of blogging. There is something that happens when I put my more “disposable” thoughts down on a consistent basis. It gives you a peek into my mind (well that’s a scary thought). It also primes my pump; keeps me noticing the big and the little of life in a more reflective manner. Seems as though, when I am more reflective, I’m more enlightened about well…most everything.

What do you to do tap into your observational qualities? What do you do to inject into your action your best thoughts and energies? It may not be blogging for you, but we all need some way to prime the pump. Life has a way of becoming quite routine–and that’s not all bad. That is, until you fall asleep. Once I’m sleepwalking all kinds of unfortunate things can happen to me. Staying awake is not easy, but it’s worth it. Noticing what’s actually going on in life, in and around you, is one of the best ways to wake up into your life.


Ah, I feel better after blogging this. I guess, I’m on again.