Like you, everyday I experience a variety of customer service moments. These occur in restaurants, hotels, on phone calls and in a variety of other settings. Recently, I’ve been reminded of, what I believe, is one of the most important qualities of great customer service. It’s not the only important dynamic, but adding this dynamic into human interaction (customer service as well as other types) qualitatively changes the moment in powerful ways.

Here’s the good news: It’s not hard to do (as long as your mindful).

The Quality: Do, for the person in front of you, a little more than what is expected.

How else can I say this? Go the extra mile, go out of your way, do what’s expected and “then some.” However you want to say it, surprising people with more than what is expected is one way to delight them. And, if you are a service provider of any stripe, this will create FANS quicker than most anything else you can do. That is as long as your not a cold fish and terrible to be around. If you’ve got the basic emotions of interaction down, and you add to them this concept of “doing more” you will find people attracted to your service. Even more importantly, they will evangelize you to others who need to know you. And that, is where the zoom in your business occurs.