Leaders love energized people. It's easy therefore to lament the de-energized team member. Sometimes a lack of energy is beyond the influence of the leader. At these moments, tough decisions may be required. Yet, influencing the disengaged back to potency may be within the reach of a leader. Chances of influence increase if you develop [...]


Brilliant Video on the nature of interdependence

This artist in this video is on to something really big. His work is both concrete in that it reveals a future for human interaction and interdependence. But, it also is a metaphor in that it reveals what is happening in communities and organizations. The implications of this video are enormous. Think about how it [...]

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I've completely refreshed my website--and there is more to come. Refreshing space(s) is important because it opens us to new ideas and possibilities. My site has needed a refresh for some time. The act of starting the process has created new energy for the site and for my message. I hope you like the refresh. [...]