I watched a CBS interview with John Mayer. I’ve followed his music over the years and, despite his inability to practice his “inside voice,” I like him and think that below whatever his current image happens to be, there’s a genuine person.

After the video, which I watched on youtube, I was given other options of videos about John Mayer to watch (you know the drill). One of the options was this one.

The second video is a minute clip of Mayer and Katy Perry getting in a car after the Grammys. Watching the attention they received caused me to ponder: are we so disenchanted with our own lives that we need to watch other “famous” people do mundane things.

Now in case you’re thinking, “Um…where ya been Dave. This isn’t really a new phenomenon.” I know. I know. But, there was something about this particular clip that put it in perspective for me. It made the news, at least someone’s news, when two people got in a car and drove away.

I’m sure I would be enamored if I met someone that had been a luminary in my life. I may even fumble a bit at the prospect of talking to him or her. But, is life so meaningless that I need to watch John Mayer or Katy Perry get in a car?

Maybe, if we reduced the attention we gave certain people (in our culture) it might give us more time to focus on, um…. I don’t know, …. maybe… uh…