We have opportunities in need of action. (peanut butter)

We have problems in need of innovation.  (peanut butter)

We have ideas looking for support and resources. (peanut putter)

We know people. People who just might be the chocolate to our peanut butter.

How do you know that the help you need to accomplish that which matters is not contained in the person sitting across from you?

I am privileged to know and collaborate with a diverse and highly competent group of people. From doctors, to leading scientists, to “new economy” marketers, to organizers and magicians of data, to people I want in the room if (and when) I am in medical trouble, to leaders of people and innovative ideas, the list goes on. My guess is you have your own list of amazing people.

Contained within these relationships are little moments with big potential. These moments are so small they often go undetected–either because of their subtlety or because of our an inability to notice them.

Within these conversations there may be hints that the person in front of you is the person you’ve been looking for (your chocolate). You, of course are peanut butter (carrying something good but incomplete). You are looking for chocolate (something that would make what you hold better. Something that would also be better with your peanut butter). You know the combination is magic. You’ve been wondering where the chocolate for your peanut butter might be.

Many times the clues for amazing partnerships and collaborations begin with conversations that have nothing to do with peanut butter or chocolate. However, contained in these conversations are clues, hints really. But, you have to notice when they surface. You have to be sensitive without being pushy. You have to be open without selfishness. You have to hear what’s spoken in the insignificant lines. Those spoken lines are like the paper that falls to the floor when you are cutting out a picture. They contain what sounds like no-thing. But, they may just be, you know, where the chocolate is.

Do you know what to listen for?

Stay tuned…