Customer Service Manipulation II

In the August 6 post, I introduced the idea of customer service manipulation. If you haven't read that post, you can read it (below) to gain context for the one. Shortcuts are a wonderful invention when you need to get to the store in a hurry, save time while word processing, or work certain math [...]

Customer Service Manipulation II2015-08-19T20:27:08-04:00

Customer Service Manipulation Strikes Again

Recently my wife received an email from a customer service rep at a car company. The email went something like this: -- Hey Jennifer, Quick favor. You're going to get an email from us with a survey attached. I really need you to give me all 10's on the survey. Can you let me know [...]

Customer Service Manipulation Strikes Again2015-08-05T13:36:26-04:00


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Written by Dave Fleming