Here’s an article from the guardian that highlights medical breakthroughs UK’s scientific community  is focused on. What’s intriguing, beyond the possible breakthroughs, is the unlikely (or not) partners who are working to create the alchemy. Here’s a paragraph from the article,

For good measure, these developments involve the mixing of a startling range of scientific disciplines. Doctors are working with physicists to improve radiotherapy for cancer; biologists and engineers are combining their skills to create chips that mimic the behaviour of human organs; epidemiologists and aid workers are cooperating with doctors to perfect vaccines that can tackle some of the planet’s most pernicious illnesses, such as malaria. It is a powerful combination of talent that should make major improvements to health in the next 10 years.

That paragraph drips with human alchemy. The partnerships themselves are part of the alchemy. Your partners in alchemy matter. If you don’t have the right diversity of people at the table, you diminish the possible creative solutions. Trouble is, we tend to partner with familiar faces. Maybe it’s time to add some not-so-familiar-faces to your list of partners in alchemy.

In the pursuit of your alchemy, who’s missing from the table?