Why “great” isn’t always a great word

I'm going to stop using the word "great" as a way to describe some aspect excellence. The word is used so often to describe excellence that we seldom challenges its use. As I was editing my upcoming book, Tribal Alchemy: Turning What You Have Into What You Need, I noticed how many times I used the [...]

Why “great” isn’t always a great word2016-01-30T11:04:31-05:00

Avoiding an Important but Undesirable Action? Try this… (part 3)

If you want to follow the thread on this set of posts, you can read the first two parts here: Part One Part Two Once I know I'm using a strategy of avoidance to delay the completion of an important but undesirable task, it's time to slow down (internally and externally). Here are a few [...]

Avoiding an Important but Undesirable Action? Try this… (part 3)2016-01-26T08:43:15-05:00

Avoiding an important but undesirable action? Try this…(part 2)

If you want to read the first part of this musing, you can find it here.  -- In part one, I suggested that slowing down (internally and externally) can help us accomplish important actions we either dislike or are avoiding. But before we can talk about "slowing our way" into distasteful activities, it's important to identify our particular strategies of [...]

Avoiding an important but undesirable action? Try this…(part 2)2016-01-22T04:09:47-05:00

Avoiding an important but undesirable action? Try this…

A friend and I were catching up last night at a local bar. We started with some small talk, which included the topic of exercise. He knew I had been slowly adding running back into my exercise routine after an injury. "Are you running again," he asked. "I am. I'm up to 30 minutes of continuous running [...]

Avoiding an important but undesirable action? Try this…2016-01-21T05:12:32-05:00

Critical Thinking Skills Are Tribal, Not Just Individual

I read an article recently on the decline of critical thinking skills in organizations (what leader doesn't long for employees with critical thinking skills). The article came from Pearson and was linked to Pearson's assortment of critical thinking materials and workshops (which seemed like a good tool). What struck me though about the article (and the [...]

Critical Thinking Skills Are Tribal, Not Just Individual2016-01-19T06:15:36-05:00

Question Yourself — Book Preview

A little "appetizer" from a book I'm working on entitled, Question Yourself.    https://youtu.be/Tq1tqHquyOY

Question Yourself — Book Preview2016-01-16T13:02:26-05:00

Adapt or…

Great tribe members are able to personally adapt to new situations and circumstances. I define the word "adapt" as the ability to graciously flex with change. Being adaptive not only makes you personally better, but it also adds your pliability and ingenuity to the tribe. And that enables more tribal alchemy. Here's one of my [...]

Adapt or…2016-01-15T13:17:40-05:00

Create Memorable Content: Get beyond the obvious

I read a lot of articles on continuous improvement. What I'm noticing is how much of the current focus on continuous improvement is just reprocessed platitudes. For example:   Idea from an article: Be innovative! (OK, thanks. I already knew that). Idea from another article: Hey, ya know, it's not just about innovation. (OK, thanks, [...]

Create Memorable Content: Get beyond the obvious2016-01-13T06:02:22-05:00

Delight as you Create

Peyton Robinson is my new hero. He’s smart. He’s curious. He’s clever. He’s inventive. He’s twelve (well he’s probably 13 by now). I came across Peyton through a video where he explained his sand-less sandbag invention. You can check it out here. You really must check it out. Prepare to be impressed, and then maybe [...]

Delight as you Create2016-01-11T06:45:58-05:00


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