Tribal Risk: Part of the Alchemy Process

Alchemy requires risk because transformation comes when we move beyond the familiar and act in different ways. Just as the trapeze artist must let go into empty space in order to create, so tribes must risk into the empty space of ambiguity and uncertainty . Without this risk, alchemy cannot occur. Once an alchemic idea [...]

Tribal Risk: Part of the Alchemy Process2016-03-06T09:15:00-05:00

Idea Weaving…An Important Tribal Skill

As we’ve seen, multiple perspectives enable tribes to generate varied and robust ideas. When it comes to tribal vision, idea generation gives a tribe the initial “stuff for the conversation.” Idea generation is important because it becomes part of a tribe’s raw materials. However, idea generation alone is not enough to lead a tribe to [...]

Idea Weaving…An Important Tribal Skill2016-03-02T12:23:42-05:00