DEI Strategic Roadmap Feedback

Thanks for taking time to listen to the brief audio below. Attached to the email that brought you to this link is a PDF with focus areas for a DEI strategic roadmap. After you listen to the audio below, and look over the roadmap focus areas (PDF), click on the link below entitled, Strategic Roadmap [...]

DEI Strategic Roadmap Feedback2021-05-28T11:23:31-04:00

How To Be Mindful In Transitions

In the summer ahead, UNS will experiment with new ways of working. This will include learning how to be in the building, how to team in a hybrid model, and how to create vitality in the midst of ambiguity. With the experiments ahead, one question comes to the surface: How can we advance new ways [...]

How To Be Mindful In Transitions2021-05-18T09:23:54-04:00

Thriving Together Leader Edition: We Continuously Learn – UNS Value

Where would you be without the ability to learn? I mean think about it. What would be left of life without learning? I think I could make a pretty strong case that there would be no life without learning. From brushing your teeth, to balancing your budget, to controlling your mind, to succeeding at work, [...]

Thriving Together Leader Edition: We Continuously Learn – UNS Value2021-05-03T14:05:20-04:00