Thoughts on Distributing the Leadership

  Walking a Developmental Process for Change   Walking a Developmental Process for Change - 10:29:21, 10.11... Fri, 10/29 10:16AM • 41:03 SUMMARY KEYWORDS variables, thinking, strategic, isolate, blocked, people, skill, process, minutes, area, leader, develop, strategically, development, strategic thinker, organization, continue, low hanging fruit, longer, actions 00:00 This is Dave Fleming at [...]

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Thoughts on Distributing the Leadership

Hey EP&P/Customer Solutions Leaders,   Here are three resources for next week's Leader summit. You'll want to both listen to the podcast and read the attached article. These will set you up for our summit and the breakouts we'll have during the summit. Also, I've provided the disturbed leader team behavior image. Thoughts on Distributing the Leadership [...]

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More on Solution-Side Thinking

Hey all,   Below is the audio you'll need to prep for our next time together. This audio, plus the email I sent, will give you what you need to prep. More on Solution-Side Thinking  

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