All in favor of more initiative and solutions, say I

Dear Fortis Leader, Over the years of my work, I've asked thousands of leaders the same question: Would you like more initiative and solutions to come from your teams?  Hands down, the predominant answer is always, "yes." But of course, the next question is, "how?" How do teams get to better solution-making and how can [...]

All in favor of more initiative and solutions, say I2022-01-31T13:37:50-05:00

Home Base – Designing Your Work to Optimize Your Energy, Time, and Resources

Dear all,   It's About Design Our first focus this year is on how to better design the flow of your individual and team's work. You all know, better than most, the power of good design. Lots of things go wrong when design is an afterthought or not at the center of a project - regardless of the [...]

Home Base – Designing Your Work to Optimize Your Energy, Time, and Resources2022-01-24T17:23:28-05:00

Creating a Rallying Cry and Point for HCFB

There is no doubt we are in challenging times. As you all continue to work on developing a culture of health and excellence, here's an idea for you that came from a conversation Richard and I recently had. Take a listen to the brief audio below.      All the best,   Dave

Creating a Rallying Cry and Point for HCFB2022-01-24T16:25:30-05:00

Exploring the Power of Goals

The Focus Goals are descriptions of a desired future that we articulate in the present and work to achieve over time. It's hard to underestimate the power of goals. They help us achieve grand visions - like going to the moon - or more "down to earth" visions - like become more efficient with our [...]

Exploring the Power of Goals2022-02-11T08:58:22-05:00

Four Principles of Change

The Focus Change is a certainly something we can count on. But there's a difference between enduring change and leveraging it for good. In this brief audio program, we'll explore four principles of change that help us better navigate it in our personal and professional lives. We'll focuses on: The reality of impermanence and how [...]

Four Principles of Change2022-01-18T08:50:44-05:00

Home Base – Designing Your Work to Optimize Your Energy, Time, and Resources

The Home Base audio program explores the power of intentional design of your life and work. Think of all the objects in the world that are designed with careful strategy and intention. Isn't your life-work as valuable as say, a building, bridge, or cityscape? But often we spend far less time on designing our life-work [...]

Home Base – Designing Your Work to Optimize Your Energy, Time, and Resources2022-01-12T13:55:21-05:00

It's about Time...and Action All our work activities can be broken down into smaller and smaller units of time and action. Consider three colleagues that schedule a one-hour meeting to talk about a project. That one-hour actually unfolds through a series of smaller segments of time and behaviors. For example, the three team members [...]


Align, Align, Align   As we execute our mission,  we must consistently align and realign around what matters most. Simply put, what matters changes. There are a myriad of influences  and pressures, internal and external, that require stakeholders to align and realign around strategic priorities. Alignment is hard work. When we're misaligned it can feel [...]


Conclusion: Keep Practicing   In the final segment, we'll consider the power of practice and why it makes all the difference in your ability to live and work with ingenuity. You can listen to the audio below. There is also a transcript if you would like to refer back to this segment.   Your mission [...]


The Framework: Name     In the ninth segment, we'll consider the framework element of naming. When it comes to working with ingenuity, it's hard to overestimate the power of words and communication. When you brand important solutions and communicate with both realism and optimism, you will better engage the passions of the team. You [...]