Friday. Friday. Friday.

Dear Fortis Leader, Friday is the Day! Are you ready for a more ingenious Friday and beyond? Our workshop is Friday. You still have time to prep. See below.   Here two different ways you can prepare for Friday (hint: if you're running short on time, take a look at option two).  [...]

Friday. Friday. Friday.2022-02-21T14:39:15-05:00

Fifteen Minutes A Day!

Dear Fortis Leader, Imagine what you can do with fifteen minutes. We are a little less than two weeks out from our workshop. I'm very much looking forward to being with you. If you haven't started listening to the program yet, there's still plenty of time.  Fifteen Minutes a Day Between Now and [...]

Fifteen Minutes A Day!2022-02-14T08:56:50-05:00

How Is Innovation Born?

Dear Fortis Leader, What if the way to innovation is not innovation? Words fall in and out of favor. Right now, innovation is in the driver's seat. But ingenuity use to occupy that seat and lost it to the allure of innovation. And of course, innovation is amazing. Innovative products and services change the [...]

How Is Innovation Born?2022-02-07T10:11:30-05:00