She named the tree Rufi.

There’s been a rubber fig tree in our backyard for over ten years. It predates me. When I met my wife (almost 10 years ago), the tree was in a pot in her backyard. I don’t recall the tree being all that big back then. I mean it was in a pot. But over the years the tree grew significantly.

A few days ago, we went outside to eat dinner on our patio. Something seemed immediately out of place;  initially I couldn’t place it. Then I realized, the leaves of the rubber tree were peering over my shoulder – like a teacher watching a student perform a math problem.

Oh my gosh, my wife exclaimed.

What, I returned.

The tree fell, came the response.

Sure enough, I turned slightly to see the tree laying on it’s side. It had broken through the pot and the root ball was exposed. We let the tree lay for a couple of days, and then this past weekend, we removed it. It would have been too hard to replant.

My wife gave the tree a funeral and talked about it as the “end of an era.”

Everything is Always In Transition 

This experience reminded me that all things, even rubber fig trees, are in transition. What was once a fixture in our lives is now gone. I just assumed it would be there forever. That was silly of me, because of course, the tree, like everything else, has a life and an end.

Life-transitions sneak up on us. We have the feeling that today is a repeat of yesterday and tomorrow will look a lot like today. And then boom; a change occurs that reminds us that nothing stays the same, even the days that felt the same, were not.

Though transitions can sting a bit, or a lot, they also have tremendous power – power to teach us important lessons about life, love, relationships, and living well. As a counselor and coach, I’ve sat across from hundreds and hundreds of people as they’ve processed transitions. I’ve listened to their stories. I’ve also had the privilege of learning from one of the masters of transitions – a Catholic priest who changed my life. I’ve also experienced the joy and sting of my own transitions; transitions that remind me I’m subject to all the same rules as everything else in the universe.

New Online Course: Thriving Through the Transitions of Your Life

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And oh by the way…

My wife named the rubber fig tree, Rufi.

We kept a number of Rufi’s branches and leaves. So begins another transition for the rubber fig tree.