Align, Align, Align


As we execute our mission,  we must consistently align and realign around what matters most. Simply put, what matters changes. There are a myriad of influences  and pressures, internal and external, that require stakeholders to align and realign around strategic priorities.

Alignment is hard work. When we’re misaligned it can feel like a problem. This causes some people to avoid important conversations. It can cause others to prematurely work to control the situation.

What’s needed during these times is a realization that misalignment is natural. Becasue of the complexities of life and work, we will always face misalignments with our colleagues, families, and friends. But that doesn’t have to be a problem. In fact, misalignment isn’t the problem. Remaining misaligned is. 

As leaders and teams work to deepen their alignment, they must be willing to enter into candid conversations about their work, their relationships, and the mission itself.

Take a few moments to read the article (just click the link directly below). After reading the article, consider the questions below.

LINK: Six Actions That Increase Alignment at Work or Home 

Questions for reflection and discussion:

  • What group (sports team, music group, etc) were you a part of – during teen years – that you loved being a part of? What made it so?


  • How would you describe the experience of alignment? Think of a group (current or past) where you felt aligned with the priorities and mission. What did this look like? How did it feel? What do you think made alignment possible?


  • From your perspective: When you think about the teams you’re a part of, how aligned, around their mission and strategic priorities, are they?


  • What behaviors and/or actions increase or decrease alignment?