Dear Fortis Leader,

Over the years of my work, I’ve asked thousands of leaders the same question:

Would you like more initiative and solutions to come from your teams? 

Hands down, the predominant answer is always, “yes.”

But of course, the next question is, “how?” How do teams get to better solution-making and how can I help foster it? 

Here’s a starting point…

We need to understand what behaviors and actions people display when the magical qualities of ingenuity and innovation arise. 

Well good news! That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring at the upcoming February Fortis Lab. Not only that, but you’ll be able to apply the content directly to your own creative Lab projects. 

The content below is broken into 10 audio programs.

It will take a little under three hours to listen to it before our time together. If you spend 15 minutes a day, you’ll be ready to go on workshop day. It’s important to digest the content below before we meet. I know it’s an investment, but one that can yield big results throughout this experience and beyond.

Start the program below,


Founder, The Ingenuity Lab


The Program Elements – Click each segment below to access it.

Segment One – Introduction – Welcome to the program and the bartender that could

Segment Two – A first critical idea: In a complex system, solutions are temporary and vulnerable

Segment Three – Exploring the Cynefin Framework

Segment Four – Describing Ingenuity

Segment Five – The Framework – See

Segment Six – The Framework – Frame

Segment Seven – The Framework – Constrain

Segment Eight – The Framework – Connect

Segment Nine – The Framework – Name

Segment Ten – Keep Practicing