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Once I know I’m using a strategy of avoidance to delay the completion of an important but undesirable task, it’s time to slow down (internally and externally). Here are a few strategies to help you slow down and “slow into” an activity you’re avoiding.

Increase your mindfulness: Notice what is happening inside you. Do you feel revved up? Do you notice the avoidance strategy at work? The first step in slowing down is recognizing that I’m not and that I need to (slow down, that is). At this point, it’s a good to also slow your breathing down.

Reconnect to excellence: Once you’ve increased your mindfulness, create an intention of excellence. Remind yourself that you indeed do want to do all things with excellence, including the activity you’re avoiding. You might even try this mantra:

On the inhale of your breath say, “Slow down.”

On the exhale of your breath say, “Bring your best.”

You may want to imagine how a lack of excellence, in this action, could create problems for you. Try and reconnect to the place inside you where you do your best work because you need it.

Arrange your outer world with a bit of comfort: Our external environment can play a significant role in our ability to slow down. When I’m revved up and avoiding a task, I will often make green tea with honey and place it next to me. This drink has a lot of comfort attached to it and so it becomes a kind of external soother that serves to slow me down. Having the cup next to me, with occasional sips, is a physical reminder to slow down, stay mindful and apply excellence to the moment. I don’t know what soother might work for you. But you do. Just don’t let the “soother” become the next strategy of distraction. 

There are hundreds of other ways to slow down and bring your best to undesirable actions? What have you found works for you?