Feeling Stressed? Try This.

Dear UNS Leaders, In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins shares a conversation with Vice Admiral who was a prisoner during the Vietnam War. The result of that conversation is some of the best advice I've ever come across to thrive during difficult times. Take a listen, Dave  

Feeling Stressed? Try This.2020-07-05T17:56:06-04:00

Stop Trying to Innovate, and One Day, You Just Might

Everyone wants to innovate. But just what does it take to innovate? Innovation is the result of targeted mindsets and actions. Take a listen to this week's Monday Leader edition of Thriving Together to discover the actions. Hint: The actions were central to the creation of the iPhone.

Stop Trying to Innovate, and One Day, You Just Might2020-06-28T20:26:40-04:00

Become a Seer

Effective leaders are seers. This means they discern “what is” and imagine “what could be.” In this episode of, Thriving Together, we explore what it means to see, how to do it, and why it matters. The better you see (discern), the better you lead. See well.   Dave

Become a Seer2020-06-22T18:38:58-04:00

Two Realities that Undo Leaders (Part Two)

In our last installment, we explored two realities that undo leaders: Things take longer than we think they will Things are more complex than we expected In this installment, we consider three actions you can take to both honor and leverage the two realities. If you do, they will work for you, rather than you [...]

Two Realities that Undo Leaders (Part Two)2020-06-10T19:10:56-04:00

Two Realities that Undo a Leader’s Effectiveness

There are two realities that cab quietly wreak havoc on the effectiveness of a leader. In today’s episode (Part 1) we explore the realities and notice how we might fall prey to them. The good news is this: if we honor these realities we can revolutionize our leadership, our teams, and our organization.

Two Realities that Undo a Leader’s Effectiveness2020-06-10T19:38:18-04:00

Earn Your Leadership Everyday

Michael Jordon once declared, “Earn Your Leadership Everyday.” In today’s Thriving Together Leader installment we consider two specific actions you can take to earn your leadership, today and every day after.  Click below to watch the video.   Dave

Earn Your Leadership Everyday2020-06-12T04:40:32-04:00

Three Beliefs that Seperate Elite Leaders from Medicore Ones

We stood in a parking lot as she complained about her team. What she did next (and continues to do) has made her an elite leader in her industry and beloved by those that follow her. Listen and explore three beliefs that separate elite leaders from mediocre ones.   Dave

Three Beliefs that Seperate Elite Leaders from Medicore Ones2020-06-12T04:29:07-04:00

Become a World Class Question-Maker

The questions we ask shape both our lives and our leadership.  Dave Fleming In this week’s Thriving Together audio program (from The Ingenuity Lab) we consider the power of questions. How’s your question quotient? Are you a leader that controls through directives or evokes through questions? In the audio program, we’ll explore three actions you [...]

Become a World Class Question-Maker2020-06-12T04:30:31-04:00

Facilitating Change In A World of Uncertainty

Now more than ever, effective leaders must facilitate change. There’s more change and uncertainty ahead. Are you ready to navigate and facilitate it with your teams? Will you survive or thrive in the change? This week’s, Thoughts from the Lab highlights essential skills you’ll need in the days ahead. How ready are you to facilitate the [...]

Facilitating Change In A World of Uncertainty2020-06-12T04:33:02-04:00