Coaching & Consulting

We have decades of mindful practice of our craft – consulting and coaching. This has resulted in the development of a methodology and practices that foster ingenuity, innovation, everyday solution-making that you need to thrive in the 21st century. Our consulting and coaching is designed around three overlapping and fluid phases:


First we explore your organization’s future state (what do you want?). Then we look at your organization’s current state (where are you now?). Finally, we create executable strategies to move you into your desired future.


Once ideas are created, we take time to ensure you’re aligned with them. Too many coaches and consultants impose “their way” on you. Our coaching creates better results because we don’t skip the alignment phase. We work to ensure the proposed strategies fit your context and your desired outcomes. Adjustments and adaptations occur when needed.


The goal of phase three is the ingenious execution of strategies. We not only provide you skilled support to bring needed change, but provide resources you can use once we’re gone. And of course that’s the long-term goal: to help you create your own ingenuity without us.

Coaching and Ingenuity Labs

The Lab experience is a four- to eight-hour working session, led by a Lab-certified facilitator. You and your team make space to explore creative solutions to a vexing problem or promising opportunity. As you explore and design, you learn our collective ingenuity model, putting it to use in a strategic and tactical way. This allows you to create important solutions and take the ingenuity model back into your daily execution—using it to solve critical problems and seize important opportunities.

Get Ingenious Now, Not Later.

Your time is too precious to squander on educational programs that are disconnected from daily execution. You need ingenuity and you need it now.

Quickly Connecting Education and Execution

It’s no secret that you find more solutions and achieve better results with a high-performing team. But how do you get a high-performing team? Conventional answers are often wrong on this one.

Conventional Wisdom

Provide educational programs that enlighten a team about the qualities of high-performance. Then, send the employees back to work armed with the information.

A Better Way

Get a team focused on solving high-stakes, mission-critical problems. Once high-performance is needed, teams are more interested in the mindsets and behaviors that lead to it.

How An Ingenuity Lab Works

For the Ingenuity Lab, you come with a critical problem or opportunity and you leave with creative solutions — ready to implement. Often, the implementation begins in the session. The key to the session is the connection between your high stakes, mission-critical problems and the Lab’s framework that can help you solve them.

During the session, you’ll use the collective ingenuity methodology developed by practitioner and researcher Dave Fleming, PhD. This methodology supports your solution-making process and can then be used to help execute your daily work with more impact.