Close your eyes and picture an intersection. Make it one that you either walk or drive through on a regular basis. Got it? Now try and put yourself at the moment where you intersect with others. Imagine that you’re walking down the street— or driving in your car. The intersection, with all the people and activity, is approaching. Can you see it? Feel it? As you approach that intersection–or any for that matter–what happens to you?                                                                                                                                                                               

Here are a few possibilities.

  • You have a heightened sense of awareness
  • You move at a slower and more deliberate pace (unless external forces require you to speed up)
  • You scan for potential dangers
  • You watch for fast emerging situations
  • You yield to vulnerable people on foot or bike                                                                                                             

Intersections are tricky locations on the road. To navigate them with success requires vigilance, thoughtfulness, and skill.                                                                                                                                                           

An intersection is a helpful metaphor for the interactions we have with each other. When we intersect with others– in life or at work– we need the same attentive vigilance we have at an intersection on the street. In fact, we need more skill and awareness.                                                                                                                                   

I’m currently working on a writing project— due out later this year called— Intersections: Four Crossroads Critical To The Ingenious Execution Of Your Mission. Intersections will be available as a workbook, workshop and eventually as an online course.



I look forward to sharing ideas and updates with you as I create this program. I also hope it can be of value to you as a leader-manager to increase the ingenuity of your tribe and your effectiveness as you intersect with them.


Here’s a sneak preview:                                                                                                                                                              

Intersections: Four Crossroads Critical To The Ingenious Execution Of Your Mission

As a leader and manager, you and your team regularly face challenges and opportunities. During these times, you need world-class creative solutions that keep your mission moving forward. Teams need everyday ingenuity to thrive in this kind of environment.


Everyday ingenuity happens when teams find more usable ideas, maximize current resources, and adapt fast to changing conditions. When a group of people consistently act in these ways, magic happens.                      


Here’s another important aspect of everyday ingenuity:

          The way you interact with your team influences how ingeniously they will execute the mission.                  


All intersections with team members matter. However, there are four that increase the likelihood of everyday ingenuity. These four interactions are like intersections. When you’re approaching them, and as you pass through them, you need to increase your attention and act with wisdom.


The Intersections methodology and workshop explores the four intersections, how they are related, and how you can maximize each one toward the ingenuity you need.

  • Intersection One: Selecting Talent for Your Tribe
  • Intersection Two: Onboarding to The Party
  • Intersection Three: Coaching for Continuous Improvement
  • Intersection Four: Correcting for Change


Your mission is too critical to waste.
Your resources are too precious to squander.
Let the Intersections methodology help you find everyday ingenuity.