It’s time for our deep dive into the practice of leading people. There are three elements (below) for you to explore during this deep dive. The Five Levels of Influence Workshop will take the longest to complete; we suggest you listen to at least 15-minutes of the workshop a day. Your boot camp overview doc has a place for you to make notes on your important learnings. Or you can use your favorite journal/note-taking device. We encourage you to write your ideas down and be ready to share them with an Ingenuity Lab coach.


The Practices of an Executive

Audio: The Five Levels of Influence Workshop

1. Listen to the audios in order (from top to bottom). 

Workshop Session One:

Workshop Session Two: 


Workshop Session Three: 


DOWNLOAD HERE: The Five Levels of Influence Image

2.  Ready and Study the “Leader Bite PDF” on Robert Cialdini’s Work On Influence

DOWNLOAD HERE the Leader Bite on Cialdini’s work on influence. Study the image and the associated explanation of his work. What do you think of his work on influencing people? Do you agree with his six principles? How do you, and could you, utilize the principles for greater effectiveness?

DOWNLOAD the Leader_Bites_Principles-of-influence HERE

3.  Read the McKinsey Article on Abraham Lincoln and Leadership

After you read the article, consider which of the behaviors/virtues highlighted about Lincoln most resonate with your own leadership of people. Think of situations you face as an executive where Lincoln’s virtues would increase your own effectiveness. Be as specific as you can.

DOWNLOAD the-leadership-journey-of-abraham-lincoln PDF Article HERE