It’s time for our deep dive into the practice of leading self. There are five elements (below) for you to explore during the deep dive. They are listed in the order you should engage them. Your boot camp overview doc has a place for you to make notes on your important learnings. Or you can use your favorite journal/note-taking device. We encourage you to write your ideas down and be ready to share them with an Ingenuity Lab coach.


The Practices of an Executive

Audio: Consider the Power of Noticing and Shaping

1. Listen to this brief audio first. This will set up your deep dive experience. 

2.  Take the VIA Character Survey 

During this deep dive, we’ll consider the power of character and behavior. The VIA institute has create a simple but powerful survey that provides you a look at your expression of 24 different character behaviors. Follow these steps:

     First, go to the VIA website (link below)

     Second, At the bottom of the webpage, you’ll see a button that will take you to a free survey. Take the Survey and you will receive a report about your expression of the 24 character traits.


     Third,  Take your survey results and review them. You can also get more detailed information about each character behavior on the VIA website. Simply click a character card and learn more about that character behaviors. The 24 characters, and the survey, will provide you a picture of how your shape your world through important behaviors. Spend some time reflecting on ways you could better live and lead with the 24 characters in mind and practice. 


3.  Watch the TED talk below and consider/journal  how the three R’s can change your leadership. 



4.  Read the article (link below) on one of the three R’s – Regulation.

5.  Read and use the article (link below) to consider the SOAR model. The article will walk you through a reflective session as you consider some of the important elements of self leadership.