In this brief audio, we explore the three core elements of the program. Listen to the audio and then prepare to enter the main phase of this program.

The Practices of an Executive

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NOTE: A transcript is provided below, though we can’t vouch for its accuracy.

This is Dave Fleming at The Ingenuity Lab.

In this brief audio, we’ll explore the overall program of the executive bootcamp, helping you appreciate both the broad view and a bit of the individual segments that you’ll traverse over the course of the program. Just before we get into the look and feel of the program, let me make one preliminary but critical comment.

The way you engage this program can have long lasting effects on your leadership –  can have long lasting effects on how you lead how you take that expression of your own humaneness, and shape it into the days of your leading.  How you view your role, how you execute your role, can exponentially increase in effectiveness. If you engage in this program, the more deliberate, we bring our energies to a particular endeavor, the more likely they are to bring value and success in the future. So I want to encourage you bring your better energies, there are so many things going on in your world, so many things that could take you urgently away from exploring these concepts.

But in the long run, what we will explore throughout this program can help you lead and live well – can help you take what you have inside you, and translate it into a kind of leading style that can make all the difference in how you show up how people experience you, and how you help to facilitate the execution of mission –  and the adaptations that come when you’re an executive. Engage in this process, put it to the test and see what it does for you. With that in mind, let’s look at the overall program, which is broken into six, unique but integrated segments.

Each segment provides you the ability to examine executive leadership from a particular angle. At the center of each of the angles, you’ll explore are four critical executive leader practices. The four practices are leading self, leading change, leading mission and leading people. Those four practices will follow you if you will, all through the executive bootcamp program, you’ll be examining them from different angles. Let’s look now at those different angles, six segments, where you’ll be looking – in a variety of ways – at the four practices.

The first is a basic intro, the intro where you will describe the four practices yourself and then share that with your leader and listen to your leader share his or her ideas about the four practices with you. This can create a wonderful sense of both alignment and hearing how each other differ in how you view the four practices. This will give you a sense of how your leader thinks about the four practices and perhaps has expectations about how you will execute the four practices yourself. That’s segment one, you’ll work on an exercise to describe the four practices and then share that with your leader and vice versa. Segment one takes about a month to accomplish.

Segment two is a deep dive into each of the four practices where you’ll look at different pieces of content that go deep into, what does it mean to lead self? What does it mean to be an ever emerging growing human being? And then express that in your leadership leading change? What does that mean at the executive level? How does change – and your facilitation of it –  happen at the executive level? And what are the some of the pitfalls and some of the opportunities. Leading mission. How do you lead at the executive level around the mission but not get pulled down into detail that can undo your ability to focus where you need to focus. But at the same time, how do you know when to intervene quite directly in an area of the mission to bring guidance or inspiration or any number of important qualities to the mission and to those who are executing it. And then finally, leading people at the executive level.  As your scope has increased, and there are more people who are part of your organization, where do you decide to put your energies when it comes to leading people, you’ll look at all four of those areas in a deep dive with content that you can both think about, reflect on and begin to immediately practice.

At the end of each of the two weeks, where you’re looking in a more deep way at each of the practices, you’ll meet with one of the coaches at The Ingenuity Lab to process and reflect on your learnings, and how you might apply them, or how you are already applying them in your context and how you can do that with greater skill. That takes about two months.

Then segment three, you’ll do two leader interviews. You’ll do an interview of someone who’s in a similar role as you’re in except just a little bit further down the road than you. Someone with experience that can talk to you about what it means to do your role. And what you can learn from their wisdom and experience will help you craft the questions that you want to ask that industry leader. And then you’ll also do an alternative industry leader interview. This is someone that we’ll help you find and match that’s in a completely different industry, other than yours. And you’ll learn from them how they lead in their context, and then ask yourself, what elements of their leadership are usable in my context, so that I can grow my skills beyond the confines of my own industry.  That takes about another month.

Then the fourth segment is a reflective session where you will sit down with an Ingenuity Lab coach, and just reflect on everything so far – the intro to the four practices, the deep dive two weeks or so into each of the practices with the content that goes along with that, and the application of that, and then the leader interviews.  There will be a lot by this point that you will have amassed, if you will. So it’s important to be able to have some time just to slow down and take it all in.

That’s what the reflective session will enable you to do. And if you’re going through the bootcamp with a group of executives, this will be a group session where together with a coach, you can reflect on what those first three segments have meant to you individually and then learn in the community of executives who are on this journey with you. This reflective session with time to set it up and to go through it takes about a month to accomplish. But it is a very critical bridge to segment five.

Segment five is a 365 day plan. And here’s where you put it all together in kind of a capstone project. You take all of your reflecting and all of the knowledge and information and interviews and the things that you’ve done both to take in information and knowledge and then practice it in real time and process it in real time – you’re going to take all that and develop your 365 day plan. What will the next 365 days of your executive leadership look like? Where will you focus in all four practices? How will you apply this to the strategy work to the mission work to the change efforts to the people you lead –  to how you lead yourself? How will you apply these principles in the next 365 days and that will turn into a presentation that you’ll give to your leader and perhaps some of your colleagues  – who can both help you refine your ideas and and really hold you positively accountable to practice what you’ve designed. This takes about a month to accomplish. 

And then finally, the sixth segment is a year long set of coaching experiences with the ingenuity lab. Each quarter of that 365 days you’ll sit down with an ingenuity lab coach and process where you are. How are you doing at meeting some of the milestones you put out for your 365 day plan?

What are you learning? You’ll refresh on some of the content the coach can walk you through connections that you can make in real time so that the content is adapted and applicable to the real real time situations you’re finding yourself in during those first 365 days –  after you’ve gone through the entire program. So there’ll be one coaching session per quarter, where you can really focus on how you’re using what you designed and how you may need to adapt it to meet the realities that are surfacing in your world during that year.

There’s the overview, the intro, the deep dive, the leader interviews, the reflective session, the 365 day plan, and then the quarterly sessions for a year to help you apply and adapt. That’s an overview. That’s a look at what we’ll do in this program. But I want to again, encourage you, that what you invest into this, will yield for you tenfold, maybe 50 or 100 fold. As you invest and apply and adapt. What you do will grow and how you lead as an executive will increase not only in effectiveness but in contribution and meaning to yourself. So we invite you to dive in with us and make this an experience that can shape the next decade or more of your executive leadership.

Here we go. Are you ready?