Home Base

Design Your Lifework and Optimize Your Energy, Resources, and Time

What could be more important than the design of your lifework?

Design Matters

We design things that matter. From landscapes to buildings to cars to vacations. The more a situation or object matters, the more design plays a critical role in its creation and sustainability. For example, the design of a bridge matters because of the many lives that will travel on it for years into the future.

If it’s true that value influences design, then we should ask this question: what could be more valuable to you than the time you spend pursuing your lifework? (Lifework = the expression of your energy at work, home, and in your larger community). You donate a significant amount of your time, energy, and resources to your lifework. It too deserves the best design you can bring to it.

The Home Base method enables you to bring insights and tools together to form a design process for your lifework. The method weaves mindsets and strategies together that put the design of your lifework where it belongs: at the center of your focus.

What is a Home Base?

In this method, Home Base is both a metaphor and a real space you create to consistently design your lifework. Home Base as a metaphor represents the space inside you where you know your purpose and reconnect to it at any given moment of the day. It’s also the place inside where you determine what to do, why to do it, and how you want to act as you do it. This place inside you is a rich reservoir of reflection, contemplation, imagination, and strategic thinking. These qualities become important to the design and expression of your lifework.

As space, Home Base is a place where you regularly assemble your planning tools for a lifework design session. The space matters. It should be a place that brings you good vibes and feelings. Some people use their office as their Home Base. Others may utilize a café, library, or outdoor venue, like a park.

The space should evoke within you a desire to reflect on your lifework and then design your days to match your purpose, responsibilities, and desires. As much as possible, it should be free from external interruption, though some people find the environment of private-public spaces (like a café) to be a suitable Home Base.

Determining the space for your Home Base is highly personal. You must consider the many variables that influence your life responsibilities and your personal preferences. As you experiment over time, you will likely find the space, or spaces, that work(s) best for you.