The Home Base audio program explores the power of intentional design of your life and work. Think of all the objects in the world that are designed with careful strategy and intention. Isn’t your life-work as valuable as say, a building, bridge, or cityscape? But often we spend far less time on designing our life-work then we do on other objects in the work.

This lack of design, can lead to a lack of meaning and effectiveness. If we simply “react our way” through the day, we feel less effective and there is a gnawing sense that our life is not adding up to a valuable whole worth living. The Home Base audio program will help you consider how you can better plan your life-work. But you can also use the method for all of your life endeavors.

The method, and the program, will help you:

  • Work with intention
  • Find more meaning if the work
  • Shift into more effective modes of action
  • Be more creative in your everyday execution of critical work
  • Tap into the power within you to explore and manifest your potential

Take the time to learn the method and use it regularly. If you do, you will enhance the expression of your work and find yourself “in the work” in more deliberate and meaningful ways.

The Home Base Audio Program


Segment One: In segment one, we explore why design matters and we assemble to tools that make the method work.




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Segment Two: In segment two, we explore one final tool, The Map of Your World. Creating and using this tool makes all the difference in your design and execution of your life-work. 



Segment Three: In segment three, with our tools assembled, we learn the level one design process and practice it.




Segment Four: In segment four, two higher levels of designing your life-work. These two levels are possible becasue of level one. And levels two and three are where the magic happens.