Dear Fortis Leader,

What if the way to innovation is not innovation?

Words fall in and out of favor. Right now, innovation is in the driver’s seat. But ingenuity use to occupy that seat and lost it to the allure of innovation. And of course, innovation is amazing. Innovative products and services change the world. It’s hard to argue that point.

But exactly how do we get innovation? 

And that brings us back to ingenuity…



Ingenuity is the ability to find usable ideas that are both novel and doable and then manifest those ideas with the resources we have (not the ones we wish we had) and then adapt fast and smart along the way. 


And what enables innovation? Ingenuity.

Ingenuity is the mother of innovation. We see this over and over in the world of innovation. That’s why I like to say: Be ingenious and one day you just might innovate. 

Here are resources to explore about ingenuity before the workshop.

     1. Audio Program

The audio program below will ready you for our workshop. It’s important you come to the workshop with the program already listened to. It will take a little under three hours to listen to it before our time together. If you spend 15 minutes a day, you’ll be ready to go on workshop day. It’s important to digest the content below before we meet. I know it’s an investment, but one that can yield big results throughout this experience and beyond.

     2. Companion Slide Deck

Click below to open a series of slides that visually explain many of the concepts explored in the audio program.

NOTE: The slides are a reference document and not meant as slides that link directly to the audio program. 

CLICK HERE FOR Ingenuity Matters Fortis Workshop Slides

This is a large file, it may take a moment to download. 

Start the program below,


Founder, The Ingenuity Lab


The Program Elements – Click each segment below to access it.

Segment One – Introduction – Welcome to the program and the bartender that could

Segment Two – A first critical idea: In a complex system, solutions are temporary and vulnerable

Segment Three – Exploring the Cynefin Framework

Segment Four – Describing Ingenuity

Segment Five – The Framework – See

Segment Six – The Framework – Frame

Segment Seven – The Framework – Constrain

Segment Eight – The Framework – Connect

Segment Nine – The Framework – Name

Segment Ten – Keep Practicing