I’m always on the hunt for paragons of tribal alchemy. Manoj Bhargava, and the tribe at Billionsinchange.com, is just such an example. Manoj founded 5-Hour energy and has become part of the 1% club. Yep, he’s a billionaire. Like some billionaires, Manoj isn’t interested in amassing personal wealth; he’s interested in creating alchemy that changes the world.

The tribe at Billionsinchange.com tell their story through a 50-minute video. You will not be disappointed if you take the time to watch it. You may not agree with everything Manoj says, but you will be impressed with his results.

If you watch the movie you will see all four of the process steps associated with tribal alchemy: seeing, naming, engaging and transforming.

As I watched the movie, I thought, how can I work more like Manoj without the billions of dollars? The good news is I can. We all can. Don’t be deflated by his billions. You and your tribe, right where it is, can practice the same steps of alchemy and change your world.