Currently on the Huffpost, there’s an article announcing the winners of the Action Photography Contest. The winning photographs not only capture amazing moments in time, but are themselves stunning artistic expressions.


As I looked at the winning photographs, including the winner in the overall “masterpiece category,” I was reminded that every moment of life is a snapshot. Of course, most moments of my life, and I’m guessing yours, are not transformed into photography.¬† But the winning pictures got me thinking: If more of my moments were photographed, would that change my approach to those moments? Would I be more mindful? Would I be more thoughtful? Would I be more gentle? Would I be more substantive? Would I be more fun? Would I be more of the things I want to be, but sometimes forget to be?


Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not condoning a “poser mentality.” There’s nothing worse then faking it for the camera. But perhaps the opposite is also possible. Perhaps the presence of a camera reminds me of my better qualities and my desire to deposit those qualities into my moments.


So for today, as I make my way through the moments this day, I’m going to ask this question: If this moment were captured by a photo, what would I want that photo to reveal about me? I encourage you to ask the same question and see how the answer might help you shape the moments of your life.