Ya know that stuck feeling you get when you’re trying to find the way out of or through a challengeEach failed attempt to overcome the challenge seems to increase frustration and “stuckness.” OK, so don’t throw a sharp object at me for suggesting this, but…

What if that frustrating feeling that accompanies an unmet challenge is a good thing?

At least what if it’s a necessary and valuable feeling, up to a point? Wallowing in that frustration for a long period of time is not good. We all know that. But we can benefit from that initial stuck feeling if we use it to our advantage. What if the feeling became a signal to perform a very simple, but powerful act.

Let that stuck feeling lead you to name your challenge.

Naming is a powerful act. I recently wrote about the power of naming. You can read that post, here.

Psychiatrist Dan Siegel uses the phrase “name it, to tame it,” to describe a process of naming highly charged emotions in order reestablish calm.

When it comes to naming challenges, Siegel’s phrase is a good one. I would also add to it this one:

Name it, to Frame it.

The feelings of frustration during a stuck moment are inviting us to frame the challenge in both realistic and optimistic ways. This naming process not only redirects emotional angst but increases the likelihood of finding a strategy for the challenge itself.

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