Increase Tribal Alchemy Through Personal Creativity

A number of years ago a friend asked me to speak to her college art class about artful living. The college was located in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I arrived early—which seems to be a dysfunction of mine— and decided to walk around the streets of the city. At one point, I noticed a cluster of [...]

Increase Tribal Alchemy Through Personal Creativity2016-05-06T06:49:01-04:00

Unlikely (or maybe not) partners in alchemy

Here's an article from the guardian that highlights medical breakthroughs UK's scientific community  is focused on. What's intriguing, beyond the possible breakthroughs, is the unlikely (or not) partners who are working to create the alchemy. Here's a paragraph from the article, -- For good measure, these developments involve the mixing of a startling range of scientific disciplines. Doctors [...]

Unlikely (or maybe not) partners in alchemy2015-06-30T09:51:21-04:00


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Written by Dave Fleming