“Coaching” at work is not a four-letter word

Adapted from, Intersections: Four Deliberate Actions That Help You Create Solutions And Achieve Results. Dave Fleming. c. 2017. Coaching is Your Friend Golf swings, musical instruments, exercise regimens and hundreds of other activities. It's no big deal to get coaching for any of them. You're not a failure if you do, get coaching. You're seen [...]

“Coaching” at work is not a four-letter word2024-04-02T21:23:08-04:00

Coach Performance Through Data

As a leader you want people, including yourself, to increase or enhance performance. After almost 30 years of coaching people, and watching people coach people, here's one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you about coaching:   Coach the performance of people through data. First, ask these two questions: What measurements [...]

Coach Performance Through Data2024-04-02T19:36:57-04:00