Complaining is your friend, if…

I sat yesterday waiting to board a plane. A woman behind me--with unhappy sighs and tone--was ticking off a list of woes and frustrations about her tribe. I thought to myself, "Keep going, you're getting close." ---------------------------------------------- About one second into the process of alchemy, your tribe is going to hit resistance. Welcome.   Blockages [...]

Complaining is your friend, if…2024-04-02T19:37:00-04:00

Manoj Bhargava and the Billionsinchange Tribe

I’m always on the hunt for paragons of tribal alchemy. Manoj Bhargava, and the tribe at, is just such an example. Manoj founded 5-Hour energy and has become part of the 1% club. Yep, he’s a billionaire. Like some billionaires, Manoj isn’t interested in amassing personal wealth; he’s interested in creating alchemy that changes [...]

Manoj Bhargava and the Billionsinchange Tribe2024-04-02T19:37:00-04:00

Avoiding an important but undesirable action? Try this…

A friend and I were catching up last night at a local bar. We started with some small talk, which included the topic of exercise. He knew I had been slowly adding running back into my exercise routine after an injury. "Are you running again," he asked. "I am. I'm up to 30 minutes of continuous running [...]

Avoiding an important but undesirable action? Try this…2024-04-02T19:37:00-04:00