Use Judo on Your Moods

Scenario One: Your day is going along just fine. Then you get a piece of news from a colleague that makes you mad.   Scenario Two: A simple two minute “hello” phone call to your significant other turns into a 15-minute argument about, nothing.   Scenario Three: A meeting you attend is full of energy [...]

Use Judo on Your Moods2016-07-18T05:57:35-04:00

Three ways to make your emotions allies of your success

Do a quick replay of some of your life and work highlights from last week. Let your mind go back to different days and remember a few events. As you remember, ask this question:   During the events of the past week, did my emotions support or derail my effectiveness?   It's likely that, for [...]

Three ways to make your emotions allies of your success2016-05-23T06:40:52-04:00


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Written by Dave Fleming