3 Strategies To Help Dial Down Emotional Reactivity (Part 2)

Get Scaffolding That Supports You   This post is the second part of a two-part series on emotional reactivity. You can read part one, here. -- It's our responsibility to reduce the severity and frequency of our negative reactions to emotional triggers. We do this by developing a set of strategic supports (scaffolding). This scaffolding creates [...]

3 Strategies To Help Dial Down Emotional Reactivity (Part 2)2024-04-02T19:36:57-04:00

How To Dial Down Emotional Reactivity (Part One)

Four Minutes That Birthed An Emotional Trigger     I will never forget one of the first times I conducted a choir. The music director, at the church of my youth, gave me permission to join the choir for a rehearsal and conduct a piece they were learning. I can still see myself that day—my [...]

How To Dial Down Emotional Reactivity (Part One)2024-04-02T19:36:57-04:00

How Emotionally Resilient Are You?

To be ingenious people, we have to respond to challenges and opportunities with resilience and engage change with flexibility.   Emotions are a source of great energy. Without emotion, action is flat and one-dimensional. Emotion infuses action with passion and intention. However, emotional energy can turn negative and even destructive. When emotions are corrosive, they [...]

How Emotionally Resilient Are You?2024-04-02T19:36:58-04:00

Use Judo on Your Moods

Scenario One: Your day is going along just fine. Then you get a piece of news from a colleague that makes you mad.   Scenario Two: A simple two minute “hello” phone call to your significant other turns into a 15-minute argument about, nothing.   Scenario Three: A meeting you attend is full of energy [...]

Use Judo on Your Moods2024-04-02T19:36:58-04:00