Snapshots: How do you want the moments of your life to look?

Currently on the Huffpost, there's an article announcing the winners of the Action Photography Contest. The winning photographs not only capture amazing moments in time, but are themselves stunning artistic expressions.   As I looked at the winning photographs, including the winner in the overall "masterpiece category," I was reminded that every moment of life [...]

Snapshots: How do you want the moments of your life to look?2016-10-12T05:36:24-04:00

How to turn “insightful conversations” into “strategic action?”

Had any insightful conversations recently that just didn't get traction but should have?  Here's a process you can use once it's time to move from talking to acting.   Name the insight — The insight that you gathered from your conversation needs a name. Naming makes ideas more real, gives them identity and creates more [...]

How to turn “insightful conversations” into “strategic action?”2016-06-22T07:20:08-04:00


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Written by Dave Fleming