Want a leader-centered culture? You need these three qualities, everywhere

You don't glob all the mustard or ketchup on one part of your hot dog, do you? No, you distribute it all over. And that's exactly how leading should happen in an organization.   [Tweet "Distributed leadership is a high-quality, high-ingenuity interaction between people that leads to creative-solution making. @davefleming360"]   Who doesn't want more of that? Well, to [...]

Want a leader-centered culture? You need these three qualities, everywhere2016-11-04T09:16:46-04:00

Brilliant Video on the nature of interdependence

This artist in this video is on to something really big. His work is both concrete in that it reveals a future for human interaction and interdependence. But, it also is a metaphor in that it reveals what is happening in communities and organizations. The implications of this video are enormous. Think about how it [...]

Brilliant Video on the nature of interdependence2012-12-09T17:19:15-04:00

Resolutions and Renewable Energy

OK, so you may want to read the previous posting, just to get up to speed for this one. Question: When goals aren't enough, because we've lost interest in even small steps, how do we renew energy so that our resolution continues to move forward? Answer: We have to understand where renewable energy comes from [...]

Resolutions and Renewable Energy2008-12-31T14:41:36-04:00


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Written by Dave Fleming