What’s a tribe? A collection of people that share space, desire for a specific change, and action toward that change.

What’s alchemy? The ability to ingeniously turn what you have into what you need in order to overcome challenge and seize opportunity.


Is your tribe seizing the opportune moment–0r is it running by?



In Greek mythology, Kairos was the youngest son of Zeus. He was good-looking and moved quickly on his tiptoes, which made him hard to catch. Kairos was also bald except for a tuft of hair falling over his eyes. The best way to catch him was to keep him in front of you so you could grab his tuft of hair. Once he passed by you, because he was fast and bald, your chances of capturing Kairos greatly diminished. What a great way to describe opportunity. When opportunity is in front of us it’s easier to catch. Once it’s passed, it’s much harder and causes us to feel regret.

Kairos moments can be big or small. They can redirect the entire trajectory of life or enhance a single moment in time. They are opportunities in waiting. But kairos moments are more than that. They are invitations calling out to you and your tribe. They are invitations to notice what is happening (or what is not happening) and then use your tribal skills of alchemy to create or enhance. Like challenges, opportunities signal the need for alchemy. When we see kairos running toward us, we have a limited time to “make something” of the opportunity.


Look for the kairos moments today. They lurk in very ordinary moments.


Taken from, Tribal Alchemy: Turning What You Have Into What You Need. D. Fleming. 2016.


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